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Our mission is to enhance the management and leadership capabilities of those working within IT and of the IT function itself.

Our programs increase the organizational adaptability of you and your team, which is turn maximizes IT management bench strength, improves client service, drives innovation, and increase productivity.

The IT Management & Leadership Institute is the governing body for two IT leadership certifications.
          - Information Technology Management and Leadership Professional (ITMLP)
          - Information Technology Management and Leadership Executive (ITMLE)

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Over the years, hundreds of people have received ITMLP and ITMLE training, taken the exam and become certified. The knowledge they have gained and the credibility it provided has been of great value to their careers and the companies they serve.
The ITML Institute is dedicated to help IT Executives, IT Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts and all other IT Professionals enhance their careers and bring value to the organizations they serve.

Certification Training:
  • ITMLP Certification Preparation
  • ITMLE Certification Preparation

One Day Training Classes:


Certification Descriptions

Information Technology Management and Leadership Professional (ITMLP)
The ITMLP Certification contains a collection of ten key IT topics designed to increase the effectiveness of new and would-be IT managers by widening their knowledge of IT. It includes techniques to enhance user satisfaction, providing insights into motivating technical professionals, and providing information on the use of various IT best-practices.

Information Technology Management and Leadership Executive (ITMLE)
IT executives must be more than just technical. They must have well developed people-skills, a broad business view, solid business acumen, superior communication, strong management capabilities, and exceptional leadership capacity. The ITMLE is a rigorous, down-to-earth, and practical certification program that provides a well-balanced foundation needed to bring superior competitive IT advantage to their company.

Certification Training and Testing

Certification Training
Developed by an experienced CIO and others, and then vetted by the hundreds of students who have taken it, the ITMLP and ITMLE training certification boot camps contain the rigorous, down-to-earth, practical advice needed to help you distinguish yourself as a superior leader in the highly technical, yet people-driven world of information technology.
These ITMLP and ITMLE three-day boots, exclusively provided by our business partner Manager Mechanics, are offered through New Horizons Learning centers, and other business partners.

Certification Testing
After you have attended the required classes that are prerequisites to sit for either the ITMLP © or the ITMLE © Certification Exams, you will be sent a login and password to access a secure area of the Manager Mechanics website. This access will allow you to pay the appropriate exam fee using any credit card.

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