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IT Mangement & Leadership (ITML) Institute's Mission
The IT Mangement & Leadership Institute's mission is to enhance the management and leadership capabilities of those working within IT and of the IT function itself.
IT is in the midst of a significant paradigm shift, from simply supporting the technological needs of an enterprise to driving revenue and digital transformation, through innovative business processes, advances in cloud and mobile technologies, the Internet of Things, 3D printing and other technological advances.
Not being properly prepared to make this shift, creates critical challenges for IT and the business it serves. The ITML Institute works tirelessly to help IT meet these challenges through training, community, and our IT Management and Leadership Certifications.
IT executives of all levels, from the CIO to the newest technical/project leader, must create an environment that professionally services its internal business partners, while simultaneously driving innovation and rapidly technological advancement.

Building a Stronger, More Effective IT
Our programs increase the flexibility and organizational adaptability of you and your team, which in turn maximizes IT management bench strength, improves client service, drives innovation, and increases productivity.
And as experts in IT leadership training, we can help you reduce the high cost of failure for IT managers who have little or no management training. Our programs help increase staff retention, which will help your organization maintain key institutional knowledge and shorten learning curves.
While accelerating professional and personal career goals, our training programs also have a profound effect throughout an IT organization, with long-lasting, positive culture-changing benefits.

Flexible Learning Formats
Because people like to learn differently, the ITML Institute has developed a flexible framework that fits each individual's preferred style of training. We offer a blended-learning approach that includes classroom, webinar, eLearning, and post-training components.
In addition, we provide customizable training programs that can be tailored to all or part of an IT organization, with either onsite or remote training options. And we offer executive coaching for companies that are looking for insights on how to successfully build out their IT staff.

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