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Founded in 1996 by Alan Loss, the CIO Roundtable is a group of senior IT executive from many of the top financial services firms in Boston, MA. Membership and attendance is FREE for qualified IT leaders working in financial services.
Our monthly meetings combine networking, a quick lunch and words of wit and wisdom from a respected speaker.
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Date: Friday, Sep 15, 12:00 – 1:45
Location: New England College of Business, 10 High Street, Suite 204, Boston (same building, second floor)
Topic: How CIO’s Become Indispensable Partners – And Reap the Respect, Recognition, and Reward They Really Deserve
Topic Description:
Why is it that even though you are a great contributor to your organization’s success – most of your visibility and recognition comes when things go wrong? No matter how well you meet your company’s and clients’ objectives, you only win great respect and recognition when they truly understand the value you can provide in driving their success – which is a requirement above and beyond discussing and delivering your group’s technical prowess.
This session shows you 5 ways to elevate your standing, recognition, and respect with everyone who matters in your organization, from your CEO on down. You will learn the questions and structure for removing most obstacles, misunderstandings, and miscommunications with your clients – and shifting the conversations from what you and your team are doing, to the impact and value your clients are getting. This is the critical path to easier access, deeper consultation, faster agreement, and a valuable, collaborative relationship – the essence of becoming their Indispensable Partner.
Speaker:Steve Lishansky
About the Speaker: Steve Lishansky coaches, advises, speaks to,
and supports CIO’s in building client centric IT organizations that
deliver greater impact, value, and results – and are recognized and respected for being the critical partners that they really are. His Becoming an Indispensable Partner™ strategic and cultural transformation work has led one of his Fortune 500 clients to win the award for the most outstanding customer satisfaction in the enterprise – the only known example of an IT group receiving that in a Fortune 500 company.

2017 - 2018
Meeting Dates

Sep 15, 2017
Oct 20, 2017
Dec 8, 2017
Jan 26, 2018
Mar 2, 2018
Apr 6, 2018
May 4, 2018
Jun 8, 2018

Previous Meeting Topics Have Included:
  • The changing nature of institutional equity trading - Institutional Options Trading
  • Agile in the Enterprise: Making the Transition Performance Attribution
  • Navigating a Paradigm Shift: Risk and Regulation Take Center Stage
  • Dynamic Buy-Side Business Intelligence
  • The Influential Investor
  • Enterprise Mobility - An Update & Outlook
  • Enterprise Productivity & Innovation in the Era of Crowdsourcing and Open Innovation
  • Buy-side Tech Discussion
  • Leading the survival of central IT in the era of cloud computing
  • Why Spreadsheet Controls and Management is Fast Becoming Mainstream
  • Data Management - Some New Looks at an Old Challenge
  • The Influential Investor – How Investor Behavior Is Redefining Performance
  • Recruiting and Retaining IT Talent
  • Tangible Applications of Big Data Eco System in Financial Services
  • Managing Mobility: An IT Megatrend with Enormous IT Ramifications

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