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Productivity Driven Success

The Hidden Secrets of Organizational Efficency

For organizational productivity improvements to be effective and long lasting, they can't be randomly performed.
They must be:
  • Aligned to organizational goals and objectives
  • Holistic in nature, regarding analyzing all potential productivity options, selecting the mix that best supports organizational objectives, provides needed productivity gains, and doesn't cause productivity reducing side effects
  • Systematic through the creation and execution of formalized project plans and project management best practices
  • Measurable to illustrate tangible business benefits
  • Profitable by providing additional time, money and resources back to the organziation toward meeting organizational goals

The Book: Productivity Driven Successtm
The Hidden Secrets of Organizational Efficency.
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Keynote Speech: Professional Success Through Time Management
Time management should never be your goal. It should simply be a conduit to free up the time, money and resources needed to drive personal and organizational success.
This talk, based on my #1 Amazon bestselling book, “Productivity Driven Success” and related TEDx Talk, will widen your perspective on time management and productivity enhancement. Eric Bloom, combines various interrelated concepts into actionable techniques that you can immediately use upon your return to the office, that both enhance your personal productivity and help drive organizational efficiency and growth.
Two Day Workshop: Productivity Driven Successtm
30 practical, hands-on, and real-life management scenarios and lessons. Each scenario and lesson was selected and designed to accelerate your management knowledge and leadership success.

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